The first session is a chance for us to get to know each other to see how we can work together. There is a little bit of paperwork at the start.  Just getting your personal details and going though confidentiality etc.  We will then discuss your needs and your goals . We will also go through how I work, so that you can get to know me a little bit more, and then you can decide whether you would like to work with me and to book further sessions. Once we start the counselling sessions, I will encourage you to talk about your emotions and feelings while I listen and support you with no criticism or judgement. By spending time with a counsellor in this way, you will gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, which leads to identifying deeper solutions to your problems without receiving advice or being told what to do. 

The amount of sessions varies from person to person, and on the issues that you bring. However, for any meaningful therapy work to be done, I recommend a minimum of 6 sessions. There is no maximum amount of sessions.   

Talking to a counsellor/psychotherapist can help with many different problems, and everyone is different.
Just some of the wide-ranging problems that we help our clients with include:

  • General anxiety problems, panic attacks, social anxiety, OCD
  • Relationship issues including breakups, friendships, family members, separation, divorce, emotional, verbal and physical abuse, intimacy issues
  • Depression – including low mood, self-harm, suicidal thoughts.
    Suicide Intervention – Using the Cams-Care model
  • Bereavement / loss / grief including the loss of a pet
  • Low self-esteem and lack of confidence
  • Work place issues – stress, work/life balance issues
  • Gender issues

Having a close friend or family member to talk to about your problems is extremely beneficial. However, relying on family and friends as your sole support or confidant can sometimes put a strain on a really good relationship.
Family and friends may have a conflict of loyalty, and they may also find it difficult to keep things that you tell them confidential. They may be upset by the things that you tell them, and also may become upset if you do not accept their advice and guidance.
Trained counsellors, are firstly bound by a professional code of conduct relating to confidentiality. They also have professional training and supports which helps them to deal with difficult and upsetting situations, so you can confidently share all aspects of your life without worry.

The terms counselling and psychotherapy are interchangeable. The difference is that counselling is often carried out over a shorter period and focuses on resolving current issues. Psychotherapy is a longer-term deeper process that helps identify and explore emotional and psychological aspects that are rooted in the presenting issue. Both approaches can assist in increasing awareness, insight and understanding and will depend on what process would suit you best at this time in your life.

Face to face investment is €70.00 for 55 minutes for individuals , €60.00 for online therapy (55 minutes)  and €90.00 for couples (75 minutes)   Therapy If you hold private health insurance, up to 50% of the fees are redeemable (check with your insurance provider for exact details7

Send me a message via the contact page, call/ text me on 087 6488551  or email me on evelyn@serenity-psychotherapy.ie.   I will reply within 24 hours Monday to Friday.  

There is no problem with cancelling or rescheduling a session. However, if you cancel within 24 hours of your session then the full fee is due, unless we can reschedule the appointment within the same working week.    

Yes. There are no geographical boundaries. Although if there is a significant time difference, we will need to coordinate to ensure that a suitable time is found for both of us.

I am based in The Health Hub, Loughrea, Co Galway.  The Eircode for The Health Hub is H62 N206.   

Sessions are also available online if so desired.

I have recently undergone specialist training to enable me to work with teenagers from ages 13 to 18 years.   Appointments can be made by the parent/guardian of the adolescent.   For the initial session it is mandatory that the parents/guardians attend also.  If you need any further information in this service, please feel free to contact me.   Investment is €70.00 for 55 minute sessions which can be weekly or fortnightly.

The Eircode for The Health Hub is H62 N206.   There is a front door entrance on Main Street (beside Stir Fry Chinese Restaurant).  If you wish to use this entrance, just press the buzzer on arrival and I will answer and let you in.  

If you are driving, there is another entrance around the back with free parking.   To access this entrance, drive down Abbey Street about 100m and you will see a large sign for The Health Hub on your right hand side.  Drive in there and park in any of  ‘The Health Hub’ allocated parking spots.    You can enter the building via the back door at the top of the carpark.   Come up the stairs/lift to the first floor and I will greet you there and guide you into the therapy room.    If  you are unfamiliar with the town,  follow the directions for Chica Bella Beauty (H62RH27) – The entrance to the Health Hub is just below it.